Will Baker is a designer and art director. Sheldon Lessard is a frontend developer. You can hire us together or separately.

We work with businesses, organizations, and individuals on a variety of commercial and experimental web and branding projects. We aren't an agency and we don't subcontract, which means if you hire us, you will work directly and only with us. Wild idea, right?

Will lives in NYC. He made his first website in like 2000 for his online gaming clan and, let’s be real, it’s all been downhill from there. He led product design and brand development at a variety of music and fashion tech startups until he decided he’d rather focus on building than maintaining.

He has a background in fine art and illustration and an education in writing and literature.

Sheldon lives in Tacoma, WA. He got into engineering through a love for numbers and logic and a need to get better at cacthing his typos. Before going independent, he developed and maintained corporate style and content systems with an eye toward accessibility.

He has an education in philosophy and mathematics.